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From conception to delivery, whatever your pallet furniture or decorative needs are, the Designer Pallets team can assist you in making those needs a reality. Give us a call today, for further assistance.

All our products are made to order, and the prices on our website are indicative prices only. Please contact us for a comprehensive quotation, free of cost.

Each piece of pallet furniture is uniquely handmade. We strive to ease all sharp edges, grind or pull old nails, and thoroughly seal all wood to ensure a comfortable, durable product. We encourage you to carefully look over each purchase. Pallet wood dimensions are not identical in width and thickness, and cannot be planed without losing the weathered, distressed charm of the wood.

Each piece is assembled with care to be as balanced and as square as possible. However, as it is 100% recycled wood, each piece will likely be slightly left of perfect. If any product fails to meet your satisfaction, we will happily repair or replace it!

Home Delivery

As part of our turn-key solution offering, Designer Pallets also deliver and assemble at a minimal fee in the Gauteng region.

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Whatever your pallet furniture needs are, we can deliver, choose from our wide selection, or, send us your own designs, and we will provide you with the most competitive quote possible.


We use recyclable material, and nothing is wasted. We won't even use a new nail, if we don't need to. This not only adds to the rustic look and feel of our builds, but, is also friendly to the environment.


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Beds, Headboards, Decor, Tables, Chairs, Loungers, We do it all.

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