Additional Extras

Finishing Products

Additional Extras

Do Pallets Have Purpose?

At Designer Pallets we are pallet snobs. We handpick through mountains of pallets for the choicest materials. Typically hardwoods such as oak, cherry, maple and poplar & only pallets which have been treated  by A/C heat, never chemically. Many of us have recognized the quality of wood that gets tossed away in pallets. Pallets must be constructed of durable materials to sustain the weight of products during shipping.

We get them from the landfill or on their way there.  While it feels great to be part of the reverse impact on our Mother Earth, the larger driving force is honestly that these beautiful, interesting, and durable pieces shouldn’t be there in the first place. And, would be nearly impossible to source anywhere else.

With a little creativity and a lot of effort, we succeed in fulfilling the demand for new products with a solid quality, in a timely manner, and on budget again and again.  Not only do these pieces tell a story of where they’ve been, they serve as a reminder, that what we need to do better for ourselves and our children, is right in front of us. We care deeply about design and function; our style is dictated by challenge and whole-hearted creative quality.

The Metamorphosis

Hardworking Artisans lovingly dismantle pallets, cut or pull nails, sort boards by dimension and species, and try to keep an ongoing stock of materials to work from. Each piece is then hand worked, saw blades sharpened or replaced, twists and warps accommodated for, unique challenges addressed, and solutions achieved. We always pay attention to the beautiful grain of the wood and often showcase the aspects which tell the story of its past lives.

When we are not busy filling orders or harvesting stock, we like to keep busy in the creation mode. All of the Designer Pallets products are made to order, and can be accessorized according to your needs and budget.

We Finish

* Rustic for the most natural look, lightly sanded, and covered with a sealant

* Varnished in a light or dark varnish

* Stained with an array of stain colors to choose from

* Painted for indoor or outdoor use


Embossing and Photo Printing

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any finishing and accessorizing requirements that you may have.

Without all of this, Designer Pallets just wouldn’t be any fun!