At Designer Pallets, we procure pallets from local business, and source only the best quality used pallets, which we then creatively re-purpose into furniture, indoor and outdoor, decking and decoration.

Just like other packaging solutions, wooden pallets have a shelf life. But once their functional life ends, you don’t necessarily need to throw them away. Wooden Pallets have a very good recyclability quotient. Many businesses choose the smart option of recycling these pallets instead of shedding it in the waste. Recycling of wooden pallet includes sorting, re-furbishing, dismantling and revamping of the damaged, worn out structures.

The process of wood pallet recycling helps in diverting wood waste from landfill, aids in extending the life of pallets and providing refurbished pallets at lower prices. It also offers numerous benefits such as reduced levels of deforestation, cleaner environment and reduction in soil erosion.

Why Recycle Wooden Pallets?

Waste from wood increases both financial and environmental costs. It is advantageous to recycle wooden pallets as it renders many economical and ecological benefits. These recycled pallets are cost-effective and curtail the costs involved in Warehouse Management Systems. They also reduce total waste disposal charges of the business as recycling or reusing pallets saves used wood from going into the waste bin. The financial cost can also be decreased by selling salvaged parts of multi-purpose wooden pallets.

The recycling of the wood not only benefits the businesses but also helps the environment. The recycling or reusing of wood and timber helps in diverting them from landfills. It reduces needless logging of the forests which helps in the conservation of valuable natural resources.

Uses Of Recycled Pallets

* Recycled timber or wood is used for making non-composted mulch which can be used on plantations, gardens, highways and municipal parks.
* Wooden planks can be reused as surfacing material for pathways in parks, gardens and golf courses.
* Softer grades of wood can be recycled and used for making slides, swings and climbing frames.Wooden pallets can be revamped into planks that can be used as floors and walls in construction industry.