Below are a list of frequently asked questions, that we have collated over the years. If you do not get an answer to your questions here, you are more than welcome to email us on


Do you only use recycled materials?

Although we would love to answer this with a yes, unfortunately, we have to sometimes use new materials, to accommodate a build. In saying that though, we are always 100% conscientious of the projects we undertake, and try to limit the impact to the environment in everything that we do.

Do you treat your wood?

All our wood is either heat treated, sanded, planed, painted, stained, or varnished.

Do you export any of your furniture?

We have had the honor of having our furniture exported to Germany, Berlin and Jamaica. We provide you with the relevant documentation as required, for importing natural products into countries that require them. Contact us to discuss your requirement.

Can I send you my own design?

Absolutely! Although our team of builders are very creative, we love to take a customer’s vision, and build something for them based on the vision that they have. We will gladly collaborate with you, to make your requirement a reality.

Do you work with any other materials?

Yes we do! Although we started in 2015 with purely recycled wood projects, we’ve been able to expand our service offering to include Laser cutting and engraving, CNC work, Perspex and Aluminium and Steel fabrication.

Do you offer D.I.Y. products?

We have a couple of D.I.Y. kits that you can purchase off the shelf. You can view these kits here : D.I.Y Kits

If there is a specific D.I.Y. kit that you want us to consider, please feel free to send us the specifications, so that we can see how feasible it would be to offer the build as a D.I.Y. Kit.

Do you deliver?

We do deliver, but you are welcome to collect as well. Our typical delivery fee is R 450.00 for any delivery within a 40 km radius of Glenvista, Gauteng. We do deliver country wide, and any deliveries outside of this radius will be calculated and provided to you as part of your quote.

How long does a typical build take?

A typical build takes 3 – 4 weeks. Once we confirm the order, we will provide you with a revised estimate. We also keep you updated over WhatsApp with the progress of your build.

What finishes are available for your products?

We use a wide variety of finishes, including varnish, paint, chalk paint, various wood stains and sealants.

What accessories do you offer with your products?

We offer a wide variety of accessories, including USB Charging docks, Castor wheels, cast iron and aluminium flanges, hessian rope, all sorts of handles. We also do upholstery and laser cutting and engraving.